Divorce Support for Men

Divorce Support Options for Men – Individual Coaching, Divorce Support Groups and More

Divorce can be highly stressful. During a divorce, men go through a variety of stages – blame, anger, sadness, feelings of failure, social withdrawal, recovery of self-worth, and re-entry into the dating world. Going through these stages can take an average of three years. To do so quickly, divorce support for men is vital and necessary.  To this end, Dr. John Schinnerer offers individual coaching and divorce support groups for men at all stages of the journey in Danville, CA.

Most men think they can do it alone. But why waste time and suffer more than you have to? Having support speeds up and eases the process of returning to a successful, confident and happy life.

Having the right information now may save you tens of thousands of dollars down the road. For instance, should you mediate or litigate your divorce? Or how do you skillfully divorce someone who is highly narcissistic? Borderline personality disorder? Drug addicted?  

Having experienced men around you to steer you towards wise decisions when you are out of sorts can make all the difference in the world. You want to know what to expect, and how to plan for it, every step of the way. This means anticipating legal, emotional and psychological hurdles for yourself and your children. And perhaps, most importantly, support during divorce lets you know you are not alone during this difficult phase of life.

Why Divorce Support for Men?

When going through a divorce, most men feel (temporarily) shattered, as if the rug that is the foundation of life has been pulled from beneath their feet. They experience a roller coaster of emotions that arise with great intensity, seemingly out of nowhere. Many worry about wearing out friends and family with their negative news and hesitate to share more with them, despite continuing to need support and advice. What is needed is to be around others who have walked the road of divorce, who possess critical knowledge, who can listen, validate and support. Often, men feel as if they are going “crazy” when, in fact, they are merely experiencing normal feelings due to an abnormal situation. Experienced divorce support tailored for men is the ideal format to guide through this transition.

Why Do Men Come for Divorce Support?

Some men come because they have deep feelings of failure, betrayal, or difficulty dealing with the intense emotions brought about by separation. Simply ending a marriage brings with it, thoughts of “I’m a failure as a father, a husband and/or as a man.” While these thoughts aren’t true, they are common and pervasive in divorce.

Others come in due to feelings of ambivalence. That is, they have mixed and confusing feelings about their former partner. While one no longer feels love for the partner, they still want to care for and speak to them daily. They may feel no desire to be with their partner yet feel nervous about being single.

Still others call Dr. John because they are struggling with the aftershocks of an affair and their sense of deep betrayal.

Some come in for new friends and a reminder that they are not alone. Often, women lead the social calendar and men can lose friendships over the years. Also, many people simply lose friendshps due to divorce. Divorce support groups can be a great place to meet new single friends.

Some members initiate their divorce and then find it is far more complicated then they believed.

Some are dealing with the sudden, abrupt leaving of their spouse with an explanation of “I don’t love you anymore.” So there is no sense of closure. Sometimes there isn’t even an explanation as to why the relationship doesn’t work out which lends itself to deep confusion. They feel emotionally numb while seeking out closure which may not happen with the former partner because they are unwilling to talk. There are many ways divorce support can steer and guide you with your process of returning to solid, confident ground.

Dr. John’s clients say they need a safe, nonjudgmental group where they can talk about their past and present without overburdening family or friends. Many men feel they are burdening their loved ones with their stories of struggle, yet the sharing of stories is the primary way in which you recover, learn and grow. Sharing your story, again and again, is a normal response to the shell-shock that is divorce. It’s a healthy way to heal from the loss of relationship.


How do I survive my divorce?
The best divorce support program for those who want to get through it painlessly and inexpensively.
Divorce facts

Sixty percent of marriages in California end in divorce. Over 1 million children are impacted by divorce annually. While divorce hits 1 out of 2 marriages, when it’s your divorce, you will probably feel overwhelmed, angry, alone and depressed. When property, finances and children become involved, the stakes increase and issues get heated. Getting a handle on anger is vital for emerging from divorce as painlessly as possible.

Is Divorce Support Right for You?
  • Are you experiencing negative emotions – depression, frustration, hurt, anger, fear, guilt or shame?
  • Do you experience a lack of self-confidence right now?
  • Are you wondering how to successfully get back into the dating world?
  • Did you initiate your divorce then found it more difficult than you anticipated?
  • Are you ready to explore taking manageable, concrete, positive steps to move towards the next chapter of your life?
  • Are you willing to look at your own part in your past relationship?
  • Are you ready to heal yourself on the deepest levels?
  • Are you ready for more personal growth, excitement, happiness, and better sex?
  • Have you lost most of your friends due to divorce or separation?
  • Are you struggling with the lingering effects of an affair?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then our Divorce Support Program is perfect for you! Dr. John offers individual divorce support, men’s divorce support groups and more. For more information, please email Dr. John Schinnerer at DrJohn AT DivorceSupport4Men DOT com or call (925) 575-0258.

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