About Dr. John

Dr. John Schinnerer has a passion for helping mentor and guide men through the difficulties and challenges of relationships and divorce. His work with clients is focused on using their current relationship difficulties as the springboard for a new era of self discovery and an exponentially more satisfying life. Because, ultimately, a more satisfying and enjoyable life is what it’s all about. Dr. John started working with divorced men in 2014 after his own painful, fractured marriage led to a personal awakening. After 3 and a half years in litigation, Dr. John found tools to improve every facet of his life. He moved from anger and blame to a renewed focus on himself and an honest look at his part in the failed relationship. With a great deal of practice, awareness and hard work, he created new friendships, found a new romantic partner, and discovered how to set appropriate boundaries and to let go that over which he had no control. In many ways, his divorce was the ultimate motivation to learn better ways of being – more peace, greater happiness, greater self-awareness, better physical health, and increased professional success. He is the father of four children. Dr. John holds a Ph.D. in educational psychology from U.C. Berkeley. He served as an expert consultant to Pixar’s Inside Out. Dr. John wrote an award-winning book entitled “How Can I Be Happy?”  And he was featured in a documentary on the impact of violent media on the mind called Skewed. He works with clients in beautiful Danville, CA. And oversees a variety of websites to help with anger management (WebAngerManagement.com), anxiety management (HowCanIGetRidofAnxiety.com), finding more happiness via positive psychology (HowICanBeHappy.com), and individual coaching around divorce and life transitions (GuideToSelf.com and DivorceSupport4Men.com).

Divorce coach
Dr. John Schinnerer and Joree Rosenblatt, MFT