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Divorce Support Options for Men – Individual Support, Divorce Support Groups and More

Rarely is anyone prepared for the end of their marriage. Divorce is highly stressful, and, for some, downright hellacious. During a divorce, men go through a variety of stages – blame, anger, sadness, feelings of failure, social withdrawal, recovery of self-worth (a.k.a. mojo), and re-entry into the dating world. Going through these stages of divorce take men an average of three years. To do so quickly, divorce support for men is vital and necessary.

Most men think they can do it alone. But why waste time and suffer more than you have to? Having support speeds up and eases the process of returning to a normal, successful, confident life.

To speed up your return to confidence, we offer a variety of support services to fuel your transformation to a happier and more successful man. We offer individual divorce coaching sessions. There are men’s divorce support groups which focus on education and support and typically include 5-8 men per group. And there is the comprehensive divorce support package for an even quicker recovery (as outlined below).

Having the right piece of knowledge now may save you tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

Having a knowledgable team of men around you to guide you in making rational decisions when you are out of sorts makes all the difference in the world.

Why a Divorce Support Group?

When going through a divorce, most people feel (temporarily) shattered, as if the rug that is the foundation of life has been pulled from beneath their feet. They experience a roller coaster of emotions which arise with great intensity, seemingly out of nowhere. Many worry about wearing out friends and family with their negative news and hesitate to share more with them, despite continuing to need support and advice. What is needed is to be around others who have walked the road of divorce, who possess critical knowledge, and who have the emotional bandwidth to listen, validate and support. Often, men feel as if they are going “crazy” when, in fact, they are merely experiencing normal feelings due to an abnormal situation. A support group for men is the ideal format as it involves men who are all different spots in their divorce experience. Each can offer unique knowledge, compassion and perspective to the others to assist in navigating these difficult waters.

Note: Insurance not accepted.

Divorce support for men Danville CA

Our logo, the unalome, is an ancient symbol representing the journey to enlightenment. The spiral at the bottom represents the mindless patterns of behavior in which we habitually engage. With awareness, we move out of the spiral and begin the upward climb, with all it's challenges, towards contentment. 

Individual Coaching Sessions

1-on-1 50-minute sessions with Dr. John Schinnerer

Divorce Support Groups (Tuesdays from 6:30 pm – 9 pm, Danville, CA)

For more info on divorce support groups for men, click here.

Small groups with a maximum of 8 men in 90-minute meetings

Topics covered include: Regaining your mojo; Dating after divorce; Financial survival guide;  Emotional triage; Making sense of the divorce; Rebuilding your foundation; Facing your anger; Dealing with depression; Healthy alternatives to loneliness; Mediation vs. litigation; Physical health – sculpting your post-divorce body; Parenting tips; Child custody tips; Forgiveness; Co-parent communication guidelines; Re-establishing a workable relationship with your ex-spouse.

Cost: $97 per divorce support group meeting with a minimum commitment of six meetings.

Comprehensive Divorce Support Package 

5 hour-long classes with Dr. John Schinnerer and special guests. Topics include sculpting your post-divorce body, recovering your self-confidence, dating after divorce, sexuality as an adult, financial survival guide, co-parent communications, child custody tips, managing tough emotions such as anger and sadness, stress management, mediation vs. litigation, how to break the news to the kids, dealing with family members, how to break the news to friends, dealing with narcissistic and borderline personality disorders,  and more.

20 50-minute long individual coaching sessions

12 90-minute group support sessions

6 follow up group sessions at your convenience to lock in and hone new happiness habits

6 months of text support. Rather than send angry, inflammatory texts to your ex which she can use against you in court, send your angry texts to an objective, trained individual who will screen them and keep you out of legal trouble !

Access to 10 online anger management classes (15 hours of material)

Access to 6 online anxiety management classes (8 hours of material)

Access to 6 online positive psychology classes (8 hours of material)

Access to 45-minute online talk on the importance of mindset regarding change and success

Access to 6 online mindfulness classes (6 hours of material)

Everything you need to radically improve your relationships!

This offer includes 5 hours of live, in-person education, over 40 hours of expert personalized divorce guidance, and 38 hours of online teachings, This is over 80 hours of training and education on essential life skills in emotional management, co-parenting communication skills, invaluable tips regarding mediation vs. litigation, the latest information on personality disorders in divorce (i.e., borderline personality and narcissistic personality disorders), proven ways to create a successful, happy relationship, anger management, stress management, mindfulness, tools to reclaim your dating mojo, and proven ways to be more satisfied with life. At normal therapy rates, this is over $11,000 in training and life-altering education.

For more information, please email Dr. John Schinnerer at DrJohn AT DivorceSupport4Men DOT com or call (925) 575-0258.

Outline of Topics in Our Divorce Support Programs for Men

  1.  People – What to Expect
  • You
  • Spouse
  • Kids
  • Family & Friends

2. Taking Care of You – Self-care

  • What you’re likely to feel, and how to overcome it
  • Anger
  • Failure
  • Despair / lethargy, etc.
  • Changing your role(s) in your life
  • Hope – There is light at the end of the tunnel
  • Positive psychology advice

3.  Divorce Tips

  • Financial (assets, material items, income, credit)
  • Legal (lawyers, courts, assets, child support, spouse support)

4. Being the Best Dad For Your Children

  • Advice
  • Your kids and your ex
  • Your kids and dating
  • Integrating families

5.  Moving On with Mojo

  • Insights, what’s new since you dated
  • Understanding what is and isn’t good for you
  • Get in Shape: mind/attitude, body, clothes
  • Being effective on dating sites
  • Advice
  • How to meet women
  • Dating advice
  • Romancing advice
  • Relationship advice

For more information, please email Dr. John Schinnerer at DrJohn AT DivorceSupport4Men DOT com or call (925) 575-0258.